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BHI Transport Insurance Co. is the Southeast’s best truckers’ insurance company with a proprietary process to bring total asset protection to the trucking and transportation industries in Florida and Georgia. Our president, Mr. Hall, is a third-generation insurance professional, with a team of trucking-specific dedicated insurance experts. Mr. Hall also operated his own transport company and loved driving his rig to ATL for loads. And he is a life long advocate and fan of truckers.

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Truckers, long haulers, rig operators, and transportation companies rely on the total asset protection that BHI Transport Insurance Co. With a team of trucking insurance experts that only handle polices for truckers.

BHI Transport Insurance Co. are the Southeast’s Best Truckers Insurance with free quotes, single policy or bundled policies, professional staff, trucking insurance experts, and self-serve documents. Total asset coverage for all truckers in Florida and Georgia, with savings and benefits of value.

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We so appreciate the single-rig operator and have lots of ways to assist with a free and personalized Motor Truck Cargo insurance policy quote. And we can provide a no-cost audit of any coverages and see if we can save you up to 20% off your current rates with equal or better coverage with our Total Asset Coverage.

Providing general liability insurance for small fleets or large transportation operations bring us great happiness, as we love our Southern truckers and transportation teams. BHI Transport Insurance Co. are your partners and fans and can provide a free audit of any current policies and present assurance or recommended changes to bring total asset protection and savings up to 20% with better coverage.

BHI Transport Insurance Co. are your friendly partners that love truckers. Our trucking customers have a personal link to access any trucking insurance documents needed and more anytime at all, 24/7. Each will also have an assigned insurance professional and more specific resources and experts for any additional assistance needed.
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BHI Transport Insurance Co. provide all the Commercial Auto Liability insurance truckers need in FL & GA.

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BHI Transport Insurance Co. bring total asset protection to truckers across Florida and Georgia. The Total Coverage Program is our proprietary system that identifies all of the polices and coverage needed with likely better protection with up to 20% savings.

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