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BHI Transport Insurance Co. is a special team of dedicated insurance experts that live and breathe truckers and their lifestyles. We believe truckers are the heart of our nation and of the most-important of work. We are focused on giving a very high level of attentive care to our customers, which are 100% in the trucking and transportation industries. We are polite. Kind and giving. We are fluent in English and Spanish and we are the best insurance agents in the Southeast. If you can fill our shoes, please send us a message.

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BHI Transport Insurance Co.

We Insure Truckers In Florida & Georgia

BHI Transport Insurance Co. provide all the Commercial Auto Liability insurance truckers need in FL & GA.

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BHI Transport Insurance Co. bring total asset protection to truckers across Florida and Georgia. The Total Coverage Program is our proprietary system that identifies all of the polices and coverage needed with likely better protection with up to 20% savings.

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