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BHI Transport Insurance Co.

Your Personal Team Of Trucking Insurance Experts

BHI Transport Insurance Co. is your personal team of trucking insurance experts with proprietary processes to provide a solid foundation for your trucking business. Get the best truckers general liability or the lowest-priced trailer interchange policy for the most basic of needs – BHI Transport will save you time and money. Just like others truckers rolling on down the road, all trucks need solid unladen and motor truck cargo insurance coverage just to sleep peacefully at night and BHI Transport makes dreams comes true for truckers with best-in-class commercial auto liability policies that save money, year over year, and total asset protection with comprehensive & collision.

Truckers General Liability

Get the best truckers general liability insurance that truly provides a solid foundation to your asset protection plan while exceeding any legal requirements and compliance demands. Some common protections are bodily injury, property damages, personal damages, and more.

Trailer Interchange

Truckers often get requests for trailer interchange agreements, which increases profits for truckers that can do so legally. The right trailer interchange insurance from BHI Transport will cover the third-party trailer and the person hauling it from collision, theft, fire, and other perils.

Unladen Liability

The world of trucking and transportation can find truckers in many different situations, such are pulling an empty trailer (deadhauling), which happens sometimes between hauls. And, at times, truckers need to drive with no trailer (bobtailing) and these require unladen liability.

Motor Truck Cargo

BHI Transport Insurance Co. are leading motor truck cargo providers to the trucking industry in Florida and Georgia with a dedicated trucking insurance team. Protect yourself from loss or damage to anything you are carrying or in custodial care of as a contract hauler.

Commercial Auto Liability

With the right commercial auto liability coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind protection in case of an unfortunate accident with your work cars, vans, pickups, service trucks, box trucks, and other commercial trucks not classified under our truckers general liability coverage.

Comprehensive & Collision

Experienced truckers that want total asset coverage know the important of getting the right types & levels of comprehensive & collision for truckers. Smart truckers in Florida and Georgia know to call the expert agents at BHI Transport Insurance Co. in Panama City, Florida.

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BHI Transport Insurance Co. bring total asset protection to truckers across Florida and Georgia. Enjoy complete coverage with our proprietary system that identifies all of the polices and coverage needed with likely better protection and up to 20% Savings.

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BHI Transport Insurance Co. provide all the Commercial Auto Liability insurance truckers need in FL & GA.

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